Mei's Fusion Food
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A Place to Eat, Meet, AND Drink Tea!


Tea with your meal?

We personally know all our tea farmers, and think that's the way it should be done!

Jasmine Tea

Soothing, smooth and a fantastic tea to start the day! Expect a light, perfumed tea to rise the senses.

Oolong Tea

A delicate, yet complex blend. Expect dark and light flavours to work together here with our Oolong

Green Tea

Floral and fresh, our Green Tea  is the perfect mid-day pick me up, with great health benefits!


Or have a peek at our restaurant?

We want to bring proper Asian food to the Cambrian Coast. For Mei, this is about bringing a taste of home.

Expect good tea, great food and walls full of local art!


It's amazing how the things we eat and drink can instantly transport us. These are the memories of my childhood,

Mei X